Bill Conroy

Investigative Journalist

Seattle, WA

Bill Conroy

Bill Conroy is an independent investigative journalist focused on the drug war; law-enforcement corruption; national-security issues as well as immigration, business and economic coverage.



The Man Who Knows Too Much

Guillermo Eduardo Ramirez-Peyro insists he's no longer the same man who participated in cartel murders
The Riverfront Times Link to Story

Community Pushes Back Against Pasco Police Shooting

Nonviolent movement organizes around police reform in rural Washington city
The Daily Beast Link to Story

Left For Dead In Mexico

An Informant, a missing American, and Juarez’s House of Death: Inside the cold case of David Castro
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The New Space Race

Seattle is emerging as a global hub for the dawning satellite age
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Wine Country's Nuclear Threat

A nuclear facility in Washington state is one natural disaster away from Fukushima 2.0
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It’s Not Just the Cops—Racism Is a Problem for the Secret Service, Too

As police face scrutiny over discrimination, Secret Service accused of having a similar problem
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The Millionaire Who Wants to Control Washington’s Weed

The state's medical-marijuana future may depend on one rich man and the legislators who support him
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Safe Harbor: They don't have to live like refugees

The refugee camps are packed with tents, bamboo huts and nationless people
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Did This Manhattan Firm Help Shield a Russian Fund?

PR agency hired to help burnish the image of a $10 billion Russian investment fund
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State regulators drop the ball at Washington refinery complex

A highly flammable oil byproduct flowed into a stormwater system for a year before regulators acted
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Cover Story: Behind the U.S. Customs Curtain

Whistleblowers claim agency is marked by a culture of reprisal and cronyism
The IRE Journal Link to Story

Lawyer still dealing with fallout from FBI raid

FBI operation was conducted jointly with the industry-funded National Insurance Crime Bureau
San Antonio Business Journal Link to Story


Bill Conroy

Bill Conroy is an investigative journalist who has focused on the drug war; law-enforcement corruption; and national-security issues for the past 18 years, most of that time as a correspondent for an online nonprofit publication called Narco News. He is currently the managing editor of Seattle Business Magazine. Previously, he worked for two decades as the editor in chief of a business weekly in San Antonio, Texas, which is part of the national American City Business Journal chain.

Conroy has decades of reporting, writing, editing and newsroom management experience. He also has extensive experience working across multiple beats and content platforms — including daily, weekly, online, print, social media as well as experience on-air (radio and TV) and in overseeing photography, audio and video projects. These skills have been honed through his work as a business journalist and as an investigative reporter focused on both public- and private-sector story projects.

Conroy has worked as a journalist in five U.S. states over the past three decades and served for 20 years as the Editor-in-Chief of the San Antonio Business Journal — where he managed and coached a staff of as many as 11 journalists and a pool of more than a dozen freelance writers. His work for Narco News over the past 10 years has been pursued on his own time on a freelance basis.

In addition to his professional journalism experience, Conroy earned a Master of Arts degree in mass communications with a journalism emphasis from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wis., which he attended on a research scholarship.



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